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Pricing at Canterbury Dog Grooming is based on a "time and effort" model.


This means that the price that you pay for your dog to be groomed may well be different to your friend who has an identical breed of dog.


The more time and effort that needs to be put into the grooming process for your dog will result in a higher price.   The other side of this is that the more time and effort that you put into your dogs brushing and training, the lower your price will be.


The pricing examples shown below all assume that the coat is in a reasonable condition, and that the dog displays reasonable behaviour during the grooming. I do not expect that every dog will walk through the door with immaculate manners and coat state.

Note that all prices are estimated start prices, they are not definitive quotes as all pricing is on a case by case basis. Breed prices assume a basic pet type clip.  Extra levels of detail will obviously alter the pricing.


Bath and Dry (short coat)

Toy (Jack Russell)              $40

Medium   (Staffy)              $50

Large      (labrador)           $60


Bottom, Face, Feet.  (BFF)  This service is a bath and dry, on medium coated dogs with limited trimming around the eyes, face, feet and sanitary areas.

Toy/medium                     $65

Large                               $85           


Full Groom.   Bath and dry, pet breed cut.  Coat length and density will have an impact on the price. 

Small dog (Toy breeds)      $85.

Medium  (cocker spaniel)    $95

Large     (labrador sized)    $110


A bath and dry on longer coated dogs will vary on pricing dependant on coat length, density and condition, and cannot be given a generic estimate. NOTE:  A bath and dry is not a service that is offered for dogs that have mats that cannot reasonably be brushed out during the process.  If your dog has mats that cannot be removed by humane methods, then the mats will be removed by clipping off the coat below the level of the mats.  All efforts will be made during colder months to leave as much length as is technically possible.  You should expect that the price for clipping off a matted coat will be greater than a normal full groom.


Do not ask for mats to be left on your dog, or for excessive dematting measures to be undertaken, as we are here to do what is best for the dog, not to facilitate neglect or to inflict pain. 
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