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I have been grooming professionally since 2011, and have been preparing my dogs for the show ring since 1993.  I am passionate about dogs, and most days will have my three in the salon with me, supervising the grooming process.  


Breeds that have shared my life include Aussie Terriers, a Corgi, a Kelpie, a Labrador cross, a Murray River Retriever, and a succession of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Curly Coated Retrievers. 

Appointment times are spaced so that your dog can spend the minimum time possible in the salon. We do ask that you be on time for your appointment, particularly if you are one of the first appointments of the day.  You will be contacted once your dog's grooming is completed so that they can go home.  Dogs that are relaxed in our environment are welcome to stay for longer periods if that suits your days' busy requirements, however if your dog is stressed and anxious, we do ask that promptness in collection is considered, for their sake as well as ours,


Whilst waiting for their groom, and for collection afterwards, the dogs are housed in purpose built pens - not crates. They have more than enough space within the pen to move around freely, or just to lie down and chill if they prefer. 


Generally, my goal for most dogs is a modification of the breed style that still shows off the breed attributes, but with some of the excesses taken out to allow for a more easy care companion.  An example of this can be seen in our Cavaliers, who have retained quite a full coat on the body, but have their feet trimmed to allow for easy cleaning when they are out and about in the muddy parks.  Because Finn is older, he also has his ears trimmed shorter to allow for easier care in his later years.



If your preferred style is quite different to the accepted breed norm, then please be specific about what it is that you are after so that the look that you want is clearly understood



Your dog's coat will be styled according to their requirements either with clippers, hand shears or stripping knives depending upon the breed, coat style and the individual needs of your dog. Every coat type requires a different approach in order to strive for a different result.


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