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On arrival at the salon, your dog will be thoroughly inspected, and a discussion had as to what end result it is that you are looking for, and also what is achievable given your dogs condition.


We are happy to advise you what groom style is commonly applied to your dog's breed, and we will always endavour to deliver your specific requirements.  Many people do not necessarily desire an exact replica of a breed style. We are happy to modify any style to your needs, provided you can give a clear enough description of your wishes, and that your dog is capable of accomodating that style.


Crossbreeds will sometimes require more input, as there can be a large variation in body and coat structure which means that there is no one haircut that suits every example of a labradoodle or moodle.  The more input we get from you, the greater the chance of delivering the style that you want, so please take a bit of time on the first appointment to ensure that everyone has the same end goal in mind.


At Canterbury Dog Grooming, we have created an open salon with the best equipment, open pens, and a general relaxed atmosphere which helps make the grooming process more enjoyable for your dog.


Note however, that a good haircut for your dog can be highly dependant upon the quality of your dog's coat, and the care and attention that it receives on a weekly basis.  You wouldn't leave your own hair unbrushed and unwashed for 6 weeks and then expect your hairdresser to be able to beautifully style it, ready for an important night out.


Small patches of knots and tangles will be brushed out if at all possible. Larger areas will be approached on a case by case basis.  If the matting is extensive, or the dog is not tolerant of brushing, then the mats will be removed by cutting the hair below the level of the mat.  Every attempt will be made to retain as much length as is humanly possible, however the needs of your dog will always take precedence, and this may well be quite short.  Note that you will be charged for the extra time and effort that it takes to deal with extra matting.


We offer baby puppy familiarisation sessions FREE by appointment only.

At the session, you will be shown the basic use of appropriate brushes and combs for your dog's coat type, and how to encourage your pup to behave while they are being groomed


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