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Puppy grooming


Although your new 2-3 month old puppy is not generally in need of a groom, he/she should have his/her first grooming appointment as soon as possible after their final vaccination.


This is because puppies have a very distinct learning period between 8 - 16 weeks of age where many experiences within that time frame become a learned habit. This age is the best time to commence obedience training, and is also the best time to commence their grooming training.

If your new pup is exposed to the gradual process of grooming early on and realises that it is an enjoyable experience, they will be happy to be groomed for the rest of their life. Quite often dogs that have their first grooming experience after 6 months of age can become overwhelmed with the grooming process and in some cases can be very hard to manage. During your pup’s early learning period it is a great idea to expose them not only to the grooming process but to as many different and positive situations as possible.


FREE PUPPY FAMILIARISATION SESSIONS.  Provided at least one week has passed since your pups final vaccination and the vet has given the go ahead for your pup to be out and about, you can bring them in for an introductory groom.


You will be shown how to handle your pup for grooming, and what tools you should be using on a regular basis to keep the coat in tip top condition.   This will include handling your dogs feet, face, ears and tail, as well as how to correctly use your brushes and combs, and which areas of your pup will require more attenion than the others.


If you were told that your dog should not be groomed until it is at least 12 months old, then you need to be prepared at that point for a dog that has a lifelong terror of grooming, and may well need to go to the vet and be sedated to be shaved down several times a year.  This is an expensive practice, and in later years is one that is quite dangerous.  If you want your dog to accept being washed, brushed and trimmed, then early in life is the time to start. Generally the only reason that this information is given is to convince people that their dog is low maintenance.


Once your pup has learnt to accept grooming as a part of his/her daily routine, it is important to continue with regular visits to your groomer. Booking an appointment every 4-8 weeks is ideal to ensure your dog’s coat remains clean, mat free and manageable for you to continue brushing at home, particularly for long coated dogs.

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