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Dog grooming heaven

At Salon De Amigos we have created an open salon with the best equipment, open pens, play areas and a general relaxed atmosphere which helps make the grooming process more enjoyable for your amigo.

Our groomers meet our high standards of professionalism, experience and expert handling skills. We have current grooming style handbooks and reference posters for you to more accurately choose a particular groom for your amigo.

We are happy to advise you what groom style is commonly applied to your amigo and we will always respond to your specific requirements. As opposed to just shaving dogs, we apply a style that suits your amigo and your requirements.

We offer FREE; by appointment please

  • nail clipping to existing customers
  • puppy familiarisation appointments.

We use only Australian made, organic shampoos and conditioners that are kind to your amigo’s skin.

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