Grooming equipment and use


To keep your amigo looking gorgeous at home you will need some grooming tools of your own. Good quality tools used correctly will last a long time and will make grooming easier and more enjoyable for you both. You will need to focus on friction areas and there are 2 essential tools that you will require:

Slicker Brush: Slicker brushes are a terrific tool for separating hair and making a dog’s coat look silky. They are great for breaking up smaller knots in your dog’s coat and if used every day will keep your amigo’s coat knot free. Be careful not to apply too much pressure though as you will cause ‘slicker rash’, which is similar to a graze and is painful.

Friction Areas: Are the regions on dogs that rub against either themselves or something else, such as a harness or collar. For this reason knots are most commonly found under arms, collar lines, behind the ears and between the back legs. This is because these areas are constantly moving and rubbing together and the hair easily tangles. Consequently it is import to pay special attention to the friction areas.

Comb: A good quality comb will be an invaluable tool in your grooming kit. Once you have separated the hair using a slicker brush you can run through the coat using a comb. Any stubborn knots can be picked up and gently teased out. By working on small sections of a knot you will find you can comb it out with little discomfort to your amigo. Once again pay special attention to the friction areas. Please note that sometimes knots can be too big to simply comb out. As your amigo’s welfare should be first and foremost, remember it’s very easy for your groomer to simply clip out a stubborn knot and much more pleasant for your amigo too!

Brushing and combing your amigo every day will minimise the likelihood of knots and matts and a very time consuming visit to the groomer for a clip off!

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