Winter grooming


If you were wondering whether you should get your amigo groomed during the winter months then the answer is a resounding YES! It is not kind to your amigo to have a long, matted or dirty coat during the colder months. Matted coats hold onto water and dirt meaning your amigo will stay colder and wetter for longer because their body heat is not enough to dry their coats. Leaving your amigo un-groomed during winter may mean an extra-short clip off in spring!

Fortunately your groomer can leave your amigo’s coat longer during winter whilst still eliminating dirt, fleas, matts and knots. Professional dog grooming dryers ensure that your amigo dries quickly and thoroughly, eliminating the chance of becoming chilled. Most dogs are lucky enough to live in climate controlled housing so a shorter coat will not affect their temperature during winter. Don’t forget at Salon De Amigos you can purchase some great looking pet wear for your amigo for when you both attempt to brave the cold.

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