My dog needed to be shaved


If your amigo becomes severely knotted or matted, for your amigo’s health and wellbeing your groomer will recommend shaving his/her coat off close to the skin. There are a variety of reasons that this needs to be done but the most important is that it is very painful and stressing for your amigo to sit still for a long period of time and incur the pain of having a metal brush and de-matting comb repeatedly taken over their skin, often causing slicker/brush burn.

To avoid injury, cuts or discomfort to your dog, your groomer will endeavour to be very precise and careful when clipping your amigo’s hair short. Cuts can occur because dog’s skin is thin like tissue paper and the skin pulls in all directions due to the clumping and matting. When passing a clipper blade over the body, the skin may be pulled up between the teeth of the blades which can result in a cut. Although this is a rare occurrence, we very much want to avoid the risk.

At Salon De Amigos we ensure that owners are made aware of the extent of any knotting or matting your amigo may have and will advise you if it is necessary for your amigo to be clipped short.

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