Knotts and matts


There can be some confusion as to the difference between knots and matts in your amigo’s hair.

A knot is classed as a small clump of hair that has become tangled. Usually a knot can be brushed or combed out of your dog’s coat.

Matts on the other hand are larger knots that have become so tightly clumped that the hair is bound right down to your dog’s skin. Matts cannot be brushed out as they are a solid mass of hair. This tight matting causes discomfort and pain to your amigo and requires your groomer to remove the matts using clippers.

Therefore it is important to regularly groom your amigo at home as a neglected coat will frequently become matted. Often a matted coat and lack of air flow to the skin can hide other problems such as serious skin irritations and if left wet and dirty for a period of time can lead to skin infections.

Our friendly staff at Salon De Amigos will always tell you if we notice any kind of health issues with your amigo.

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