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"I have high praise for what John has done with the salon. It is lovely and open and my Harry just loves going there. Miwa is an expert groomer and she makes Harry feel at home. Poppy Morgan Hawthorn.

"What a lovely place, I want to get my hair done there. Olive looks lovely after her haircut and she enjoyed being there". Anne Edwards Canterbury

"We recently lost our dear Apsro and now have Jackson coming to the salon. We highly recomend Salon De Amigos for the care and attention they have shown our dogs".Alison Johnson Kew

"At last we have found a wonderful grooming salon for our dear old Gloria. The salon is just beautiful and the atmopshere is delightful". Gillian Thomson Glen Iris

Dear John, 

I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks,  appreciation, support, needs,  if and whenever required.  

Your unwavering selfless support has always been valued.  
Salon de amigos for my pooch Lola, is like home to her.  

The selfless attention to detail in terms of her grooming, needs, requirements,  have  always been met with such care and precision,  absolutely stella services and amazing customer service.  


Always adhere to needs of clients and their family pooch.  Lola always always is cared for brilliantly, with love and harmony.  

And at other times when there isn't grooming involved, Salon  de amigos are such wonderful dog babysitters,  during the day,  if and when required.  Lola loves being there with her new found four legged friends.  

Sincerely like going to her second home, truly at ease fun loving and peaceful.  
They always have beautiful classical music that the dogs absolutely gravitate to and embrace the serenity during their stay.  

Lola comes home so relaxed which in turn makes our lives even more rich,  because she's had a play day, and was loved and nurtured during her stay/s always.  

It has rounded our Lola's personality even further, in terms of her stella behaviour, manners etc......  Thank you  John 

Cannot recommend Salon de Amigos enough sincerely.  

John you, 
for myself,  my husband and Lola have been an absolute god send. 

 Keep up the brilliant work.  I  have  NO hesitation  whatsoever in recommending you to ALL that seek a professional dog grooming, day care centre, for their pooch.  
Kind regards 
Justin Mary and Lola 


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